ACSC Incident Response Challenge


Start: Friday 10.00am
End: Saturday 12.00pm
Duration: 26 hours
Location: Competition Hall

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) have returned for BSides 2021 with another incident response challenge in April 2021!

The Australian Logic and Interstellar Exploration Network (ALIEN) need your help! An unknown group have contacted ALIEN claiming that they will release their top secret research unless they are paid a hefty sum. ALIEN believe that the information must have been stolen through a cyber attack, and have enlisted your help to work alongside the ACSC and investigate what has happened.

Participants (either individuals or teams of two) will download the provided artefacts and must determine what has occurred. Investigating a simulated incident, participants will submit key findings of the investigation to score points and progress through the challenge. All flags are achievable using open-source tools, so bring your favourite forensic tools to complete the challenge. Also consider bringing your own source of internet to support research and general Googling during the challenge as the conference WiFi may become congested during the challenge.

Be the first to collect all the flags and be crowned the best Incident Responder at the conference, along with all the associated bragging rights! Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Saturday afternoon.