Conference Schedule


8.30am Movement
9.00am Opening Ceremony
9.10am Keynote - "Redacted"
10.00am "Understanding the reality of fraud victimisation" - Cassandra Cross
10.30am Movement
11.00am "Easy LPEs and common software vulnerabilities" - Christopher Vella
12.00pm "Cold case - catch a killer in 16 bytes?" - Iggy
12.30pm Movement & Lunch
1.30pm Keynote - "Understanding Real Threats for Real Security" - Shane Huntley
2.30pm "13 Nagios Vulnerabilities, #7 will SHOCK you!" - Samir Ghanem
3.30pm "☣️The security of emojis ☣️" - Adrian Justice
4.00pm Movement
4.30pm "Context Aware Content Discovery: The Natural Evolution" - Sean Yeoh, Patrick Mortensen, Michael Gianarakis, Shubham Shah
5.30pm Day 1 close
5.50pm Movement

There are no official parties due to current restrictions.


8.30am Movement
9.00am Day 2 Opening
9.10am Keynote - "Intelligent Application Security" - Cristina Cifuentis
10.00am "Return to Sender: Bypassing Email Spam & Malware Filters" - Sebastian Salla
10.30am Movement
11.00am "Finding Tony Abbott’s passport number and entering the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020" - "Alex"
12.00pm "Electronic Hardware Design" - Josh Johnson
12.30pm Movement & Lunch
1.30pm "The defender's new clothes" - Eldar Marcussen
2.30pm "Attacking the TCache in GLibc 2.32" - Jayden Rivers
3.30pm Movement
4.00pm "Oh my Pod: Lessons from building one of Australia’s biggest CTFs" - Sam
4.30pm Competitions & Awards
5.30pm Movement